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Labour Education Development Society (LEDS) is a grass-root level organization working in New Delhi. LEDS has undertaken numerous initiatives, supporting and complimenting the endeavours of the community based organisations. The organization excels in community outreach, mobilization, structure building and multi dimensional development work. LEDS addresses social issues such as gender equity and tribal and women empowerment. It is one of the driving forces behind the growth and upliftment of Dalit women. LEDS believes in self-empowering women through awareness generation to get access to their rights and entitlements.

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LEDS has been working in rural and urban areas of Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand advocating for the rights and rehabilitation of sewage workers staying in the urban slums of Delhi. 

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Right to Education

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Case Studies

LEDS Team Member Nee…

Empowering the community through Ward Panch: Neetu,a elected ward panch from Bagrana,but she does not aware of her rights as Ward Panch. When LEDS activist contacted her regarding the various Id cards…

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